About Us

One evening in March 1933, the late Herbert Scott put on a concert in the Hannah Methodist Church in Lincoln. Fifteen male singers, gathered from various Lincolnshire Choirs, took part and the evening was such a success that Herbert was inundated with invitations to repeat the concert.

The fifteen decided to stay together and the Lincoln Orpheus Male Voice Choir was officially 'born' the following year. On the 20th  of April 2014 we celebrated our 80th  anniversary with a concert at St Nicholas's church here in Lincoln. 

Over the ensuing 80 years the choir has raised many thousands of pounds for both local and national charities and many a church organ or roof has benefited from our efforts.

​We perform concerts across Lincolnshire and have over recent years have shared the stage with both local bands and choirs as well as nationally known performers.

We have a wide and varied repertoire including show songs, spirituals, opera, folk, secular and religious music; together with both traditional and contemporary pieces.

On  the following pages you will find information concerning our hard working music team and committee,  a portrait of our patron and details of our current repertoire and forthcoming concerts. 

Our ongoing aim is to continue to entertain the people of Lincolnshire, to support local charities and communities, to strive for musical excellence and to continue to build on the vision of our founder.

Lincoln Orpheus Male Voice Choir Singing Across Lincolnshire